Trend on Trial: The "Jegging"
Written By: Alycia - Editor

  As many people in my life are well aware, I am a self-proclaimed Legging-aholic. Available in more than just your basic black (my personal preference), we girls can channel our inner 80’s goddess in any way we choose. Leggings are as comfortable as sweat pants, while being much nicer looking in the process. However, a relatively recent development in the leggings department is this thing known as a “jegging” or “denim legging”.  A hybrid between a skinny or “stovepipe” jean, and my beloved legging, I decided to give them a shot. Yes, that’s right, I actually purchased a pair. Well… to be honest, I grabbed two.  

Without being completely conscious of it, I purchased two pairs that are alike, but not entirely the same. Like all jeggings, you have the option of finding pairs with, or without a fly. Obviously those that do not have a fly have stitching in that area that resembles a closed fly. You can also find options with or without pockets. Both pairs of mine have faux-pockets on the front, but have real pockets on the back! Colour options also obviously vary.

So, while all of that is useful information, what you’re all probably now screaming at your screens is “How do you wear the things?!” Your answer: any way you want. Jeggings look enough like jeans that it doesn’t matter how long or short your top is, or really what you wear on your feet. But, since figuring out outfits seems to be one of the things I do best, I’ve got some for you! Hopefully I can inspire more people to at least try a pair on. They’re surprisingly comfortable (I’m wearing mine while I type this article!)

Normal 0 0 1 33 191 1 1 234 11.1282 0 0 0 Jeggings: Miss Selfridge - £12, Ruffle Top: Gap - $34.50, Bag: - $27.80, Moccasins: Urban Outfitters - $42, Cuff Bracelet: Fred Flare - $50, Jacket: Lucky Brand Jeans - $79.50, Earrings: - $4.80

Remember how I said that jeggings give you all the comfort of sweats coupled with the versatility and colour neutrality of real jeans? This outfit is a definite case in point. I stuck to a relatively neutral colour palette (yes, it is completely okay to wear a black jacket with brown shoes. Neutrals are neutral because they go with everything!) in the clothes, but went for pops in the same colour family with the accessories. Obviously because the jeggings are SO skinny in the leg (seriously, they even put my skinnies to shame!), you have to be careful not to wear shoes that are too clunky. Flats, moccasins, sandals, or even boots in wet weather will look great, but a big athletic sneaker is only appropriate if you’re channelling a really insane 1980’s big-hair and neon vibe…. (this would be the part where the fashionista in me shudders at the thought) This look in general is appropriate for a date, hanging out with friends, or any kind of casual and fun event you can think of. Heck, I’d even go so far as to wear this to class.

Jeggings: Gap - $69.50, Shoes: - $34, Top: Old Navy - $14.50, Jacket: - $13.99, Laptop Bag: Melissa Beth Designs - $75, Sunglasses: Fred Flare - $11, Earrings: American Eagle - $12.50

In this case, the outfit I have picked out is a little more office-appropriate than the last. Think casual Friday, because this is not something that I would recommend for every day. The laptop bag, earrings, and top are all variations on the same colour, but I added a pop of hot pink in the shoes, just for interest. The beading on the top means that you don’t need a necklace. For those of you that don’t or can’t wear heels, a pair of bright flats in your favourite colour will work just as well. The bag I’ve picked keeps things functional, as well as being super cute. Also, remember, just as with all clothing, proportion is key. Because the jeggings are really tight and form-fitting, to try and keep the rest of your clothing looser. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of looking more like you’re headed for a stripper pole than an office. Tight bottoms and a tight, or overly revealing top are not a good marriage.

As far as the length of the top goes, because jeggings do look so much like jeans, it doesn’t really matter how long or short your top is, but like I said, just make sure that you keep the proportions in line! Beyond that, experiment, enjoy, and have some fun! Trends aren’t supposed to be serious, fashion was designed to be fun. (haha!)

Spring is Springing!
Written By: Alycia - Editor

Well, it’s March again. The temperatures are rising, the snow is beginning to melt, and the sun seems to finally have come back from its long Winter vacation. It is at this point that the vast majority of us will pull our summer clothes out of storage, and try desperately to figure out how to incorporate them into our current wardrobes without freezing to death. This is also the time of year when all of the shops we frequent try very hard to bait us into buying new spring clothes, even though it’s only six degrees out.

I have proposed solutions to the quandary that we currently face. Firstly, the sundress issue. Just about every girl I know has an absolute favourite which they wear very frequently during the summer. Currently, that dress is way too light to be worn on its own. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when you’re trying to incorporate summer items into a winter wardrobe is to layer. Sweaters, tights, jackets and so forth will all serve to keep you warmer than you summer clothes would just on their own.

  Sundress: $29.95
Sweater: old navy $19.99 $6.80
Boots: SoftMoc (Ugg Australia) $174.99
Bag: (Juicy Couture Daydreamer) $48.80

Firstly, I would like to say that I am completely in love with this dress. Layering the tights underneath the dress makes it more weather-appropriate, especially when you add the boots, which allow you to avoid losing a really cute shoe to what’s left of a snow bank... or the start of a sidewalk swamp. The sweater, again, adds some warmth, and keeps you covered up, but isn’t so warm that you might die in buildings that still have their heat on a very wintery full-blast. The bag is just another dash of girly cuteness that can serve to brighten up a cloudy day.

What happens if it’s raining? Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen a multitude of young ladies on campus adopting the rubber boot trend. Sort of... six-year-old chic. Not my favourite thing ever. Unless you’re going to be puddle-jumping, this trend is not recommended, at least, not by me.

There are some adorable rain-gear options out there. My personal favourite is the umbrella. The variety available caters to any style preference, girly or not.

  Fish Umbrella: $27.99
Panda Umbrella: $14.99
Flower Umbrella : $6.50
Blue Ruffle Umbrella: $6.50
Geisha Umbrella: $32

  Another really cute way to stay drip-free is a jacket. Not only warm, but also a cute way to stay dry.  There are, again, a lot of different ways to do a spring coat. My recommendation is to go the classic route, and opt for a trench coat in a neutral colour that hits around the mid-thigh area. This kind of coat works on all shapes and sizes, because of the shape, and belt detailing. The belt cinches the waist, which creates the appearance of an hourglass shape, even where there might not be one.

Trench 1: $72.99
Trench 2: $47.80

The two trenches we have here are both good for different reasons. The first is the epitome of classic trench; khaki brown, feminine details (the piping, shiny buttons, buckle, and A-line flare at the bottom). This is a coat that you can dress up, or dress down depending on where you’re headed. It will look equally good with jeans as it would with a fancy dress or skirt. (Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) The second trench is something to be a little more careful with. It’s a gorgeous colour, and the gingham detail is really cute and fun, BUT, this is not a neutral colour, so you have to be careful not to clash with your other pieces. This is also a more casual coat, in my opinion, and will be less easy to dress up than the khaki one. The Green jacket is more of a statement piece than something really versatile. That isn’t to suggest it isn’t valid as a piece in your wardrobe, it just means you have to be very cautious when you play with brightly coloured outerwear.

So, tell me what you think! Do you have a favourite way to wear summer clothes in cooler weather? Got a question or an article idea? Please let me know!

Written By: Alycia - Editor

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of boyfriends are coming up with really sweet and super fun ways to surprise their girls for the semi-holiday. So, not to spoil anybody’s surprise… picture this situation: You get a call from your boyfriend, and he tells you that he wants to take you out for Valentine’s Day. For as much as you beg, plead, manipulate, or coerce, you cannot get out of him where you’re going. If you’re like me, you are now in a state of not only panic, but also emergency. What in the heck are you supposed to wear?! I’ve been in this position before, and as you stand staring into the abyss of your closet, you run through all of the possibilities. If you wear jeans and he takes you somewhere fancy, you’re going to be under-dressed. If you get dressed up, he’ll take you somewhere relaxed, and you’ll be over-dressed. You panic. You call your girls, your mom, your gay friend… anybody who will pick up a phone or get close to a webcam for help. If you ever get caught in this position, I have the solution. It’s a matter of balance, as well as being comfortable. You don’t want to get caught on a walk in 6-inch heels that you can’t stand up in for more than five minutes. If you know your guy well enough, you’ll at least have a hint of what he won’t surprise you with. Personally speaking… I sincerely doubt that my honey is going to surprise me with tickets to some kind of sporting event; he’s more the dinner out, theatre or movie type of a boy, which is awesome. Take the “What would he NOT do” and use this as hints toward what he WOULD do. Obviously this is not an exact science, so please do not come looking for me if you take my advice and your usually anti-sports boyfriend winds up taking you to a Raptor’s game.  

I have a couple of all-purpose outfit ideas; don’t be caught over-dressed or under-dressed if you can help it!

The first outfit I’ve picked out is for those of you who are truly girly girls. The dress is the right mix of pretty, sexy, and fun; the pattern (aptly referred to as “Conversation Hearts”) is fun and flirty enough for a daytime date, but could be worn out at night if you wanted as well. Because the dress is a little more spring-ish than February in Canada might allow, I paired it with tights and a sweater in the same (Neutral!) colour; the black will pop the pattern and vibrant colours of the dress. I added flats to the outfit to make the whole thing a little more versatile; you don’t know what your guy’s got planned, so flats are your best bet, because you can walk in them for long distances, they’re cute as all get-out, they’re sparkly (the ones I picked are covered with glitter!) to help you slide from day to night easy. I added a couple touches of girliness in the accessories (bracelet and earrings) to compliment the sweetness of the dress. The bag is (although somewhat metallic) also neutral, and the right size to carry all your essentials, but yet not overpower the rest of the outfit.  

Dress: - $76
Sweater: - $49.50
Bag: – $14.99
Earrings: – $4.80/set of 3 pairs
Tights: – $9.80
Bracelet: – $14
Shoes: - $22.99
This second outfit is a little more casual than the dress, but it still carries from daytime to nighttime flawlessly. The sequin cardigan is a little glam, but the ruffles on the tank top keep it sweet. The bag I’ve chosen is small so as not to overpower everything else; the shoes are again flat and neutral, and I chose the Bambi shaped necklace to add a little extra whimsy to the whole outfit. I am recommending this for those of you who are maybe not quite so girly, but who still want something special for your big day out with your handsome guy! I want to warn you about the all-sequin cardigan, though. With something as attention-grabbing as a sweater made entirely from sequins, you have to be careful about what you pair it with; I would not recommend pairing it with bold, bright colours or crazy patterns, because the two will compete like a couple of kindergarteners over a crayon. Instead, pick less bold pieces to allow the sweater to make the statement. Go ahead and play off of the shiny nature of your bold piece; for example the metallic details on the bag, or the sparkly pendant, but these details are comparatively small, and simply accent the sequins.

Tank top: – $29.50
Sequin Cardigan: - $68
Bambi Necklace: $10.80
Shoe: - $34
Jeans: - $12.99
Bag: - $26

Well.... that about sums up my input on this one. Once again, if you end up at a monster truck rally, look at your boyfriend, not me. I don't usually account for dirt and deisel. Happy Valentines Day!

The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Written By: Alycia - Editor

I seem to have the habit of needing a bag-change every few weeks. It drives my mother insane, but it’s just a part of my nature; I get bored. I also happen to have expensive taste. I am not, however, the type of person who purchases on a whim (unless it’s one of those shop-therapy days… dangerous if you happen to be my wallet, albeit rare.). I tend to be a saver, or a “wait ‘til it’s on clearance” girl. So, despite my expensive tastes, I am able to get away with not spending a whole lot on any given thing. The only issue is my unfortunate taste in bags. The reason it’s unfortunate? The designer items I always seem to have my eye on NEVER go “on sale” at least not to a price point I can justify for myself.

I’ve seen tons of articles warning against what I’m about to suggest, but, I don’t claim to be good at taking advice. The imitation designer bag. Yes, I am guilty, I own one. But you know something? You’d never know it wasn’t the real thing! The best part was that instead of running be around $250 for one bag, I only paid about $40, plus shipping. So, I tried it out. It’s hard for me to believe, even still, with so many nay-sayers out there that my imitation Juicy Couture bag has yet to even raise an eyebrow.

Above are images of the exact bag I purchased. Feel like taking a guess which is the real thing and which is the fake? Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s the bag on the left. The one on the left is the one that I purchased, the bag on the right is listed on Ebay as being “100% Authentic” with a guarantee. The price difference? The bag on the left is $48.80. The Ebay bag is already at $173.78, and will only go up from there, I’m sure. But let’s just take a really close look at the two bags here a minute. The designs on the bags themselves are exactly the same, as are the decorations (ie. The silver disc, and black heart thing). Although hidden in the photograph, the bag on the left does have the heart-shaped mirror in it as well. The one difference between the two? The Ebay bag’s mirror is on a silver string. The fake bag’s is gold. Obviously the shades of black differ, but speaking as someone who purchased the fake, it’s blacker than it looks in the picture.

So, this is me recommending that if you’re like me and you have expensive tastes, why not opt for the knock-off? In the long run you’re going to have more money for rent or food, or even more bags, if you really want. And, with the recession being what it is, and school fees being what they are, why not save yourself a few bucks?

 If nobody but you is going to know it’s not the real thing, I don’t see the problem. The articles I’ve read warning against buying fakes mention defects in manufacturing (like the handles turning colour, or the stitching being weak), but unless you’re planning on using the bag to carry a load of bricks, weak stitching shouldn’t be a bother. I carry a LOT in my bag; I can’t count how many times my boyfriend or my mom have picked my bag up and said “What do you KEEP in here!?”… The answer? My whole life. Right now, the bag I’m carrying occasionally keeps my laptop in it for when I’m at school; so there’s a lot. I’ve never had the bottom of a bag just give out, not even the fake I bought. So, that’s my thought. If you have expensive tastes, there are ways around it; via the good-looking fake. For a fraction of the price, you can still achieve the look you want. Just won’t spend quite so much, which is always a good thing.

Images courtesy of:

The Rainbow Connection
Written by: Alycia - Editor

Ah Colours… apparently there are some studies hanging around that suggest that the colours you wear can influence your mood. As given in evidence by Mandy’s e-mail from earlier, they can also influence the mood of those around you; sometimes for the worse. With so many colour options out there, it can be easy to get wrapped up in trying to pile on 4 to 5 different brights all at once!

Image courtesy of:

The first thing any girl needs to understand is what goes together. For me, this came somewhat naturally, but for a lot of girls, it really doesn’t. Remember the colour wheel? This is a good place to start. The three basic colours (Red, Blue, and Yellow, also known as Primary Colours) all go together well. And, as you were taught in early grade-school, They mix to make your secondary colours. Keep in mind that if you’re wearing Green (for example) then your best colour matches are shades of blue or yellow. Why? Because Yellow + Blue = Green. Pretty basic, I know, but as Mandy pointed out for us, not always widely acknowledged. My mom also told me that on your colour wheel, the tones across from one another (for example blue and orange, in my picture) also co-ordinate nicely. That’s why your red and green Christmas decorations go together so well!
Image courtesy of:

When it comes to clothes, it’s a really good idea to stick to just one focal piece; a patterned skirt, or a really bright sweater in your favourite colour. Your other pieces can either A) be neutrals. These are shades such as black, white, brown, grey and navy blue, which don’t appear on your colour wheel, or variations on the colour of your focal piece.
Okay, this skirt might not be to everybody’s taste, heck, I don’t even know that I like it all that well, but the wacky pattern will help get my point across. So, if you don’t like the skirt, like the concept instead! The skirt itself has a whole lot of colour in it: dark purple, red, yellow, blue, and white, are the most dominant colours I can see, you might see different ones, and that’s totally okay. What I would suggest as far as this particular pattern goes, is to pick 2 colours; in my case, I pick Yellow, and the sort of greenish-blue that’s hanging out in there too. What I did was pick a bright, sunny yellow sweater, and the bag in the opposite (but still co-ordinating!) colour. Both of these colours appear and repeat throughout the pattern of the skirt. If you add any other pieces (ie. Shoes, a jacket, or a scarf) make sure they’re neutrals so you don’t overpower the pattern, and end up looking like Rainbow-Brite’s Sister.  

Patterned skirt – $69.99, Sweater – $44.50, bag – $35.80, jacket – $198, shoes – $29.50

In the ‘80’s, these bright blue pants would have been worn with simple black or white pieces, no patterns, and no other colours. What I would suggest, instead, would be to use only 1 other pop of colour in an accessory, rather than a top. The addition of such a large block of colour will result in your clothes wearing you, rather than you wearing them; not a good thing.

Bright pants – $85, grey top – $12, white leather jacket – $298, sequin flats – $14.95, bag $25.80


Well, after all of that, the last piece of advice I can give is to pick your favourite colours and try it out. Play around, experiment, and have a good time! It doesn’t have to be hard, the only difference between dressing up now and dress-up from when you were little is that your mom is more inclined to let you leave the house in what you have on, now.

Falling Flat
Written By: Alycia - Editor

 I received this cry for help in my e-mail this morning from a reader in Hamilton, and let me tell you, I feel her pain!
Hi Alycia! Recently I have been noticing the worst trends here in Hamilton! Before the snow came girls were often caught moving about in oversized sweatpants. This wasn't the offensive part though... they matched their sweat pants with cute little flats! Not only was this illogical (because how are they going to do any exercising in flats?!) but it was insulting to those poor little shoes to be wearing such ugly pants with them. Other nasty little faux-pas that occur in this city include the use of colours and especially the purses. Women in the area often forget that it is best to use colour as a pop to the outfit, but notice I said "a pop" as a singular. I have recently seen a woman using, in the same outfit, a lime green jean, a pink and white coat, blue sneakers and a big bird yellow purse! I was so embarrassed. Is there any way these women can be gently reminded that some fads should remain fads and people should go out of their way to avoid making them trends. I understand a unique flare but please, this can get as ugly as socks and sandals!


The fact that all of this was labelled trends makes my skin crawl. May I just say, if you are wearing sweatpants out, you better be A) sick, and heading to the doctor or hospital; or B) going to the gym, or for a run. There are other options, you don’t need to wear sweatpants all of the time. Now, before I go getting all preachy, I am guilty of wearing sweatpants out of the house, even to class. The difference is, that mine are black, and are structured. They could pass for black dress pants or trousers, if I had the right top on. The sweats that truly irk me are the ones that are meant to be worn to the gym; made of the same material as a hoodie, and often with elastic at the ankle, which I have found is usually used to turn these pants into Capri-type pants by simply pushing the elastic halfway up the calf.

Hamilton, I feel sorry for your flats. If you’re putting huge nasty sweatpants with cute and delicate little flats, you’re doing your taste in shoes a disservice. While a nice pair of flats (occasionally dubbed “ballet flats”) can go with a variety of outfits, sweatpants is not something I would recommend as an ideal mate. I’ve decided to come up with a couple of different options, which would go beautifully with the same single pair of flats in a neutral colour. The shoes I picked to use as an example are gold in colour; before you freak out, gold is a neutral, just like grey, black, brown, white and silver.

The Shoe in Question...

Shoe: - $29.99

Outfit Option #1:

Why this works: There are a lot of women in the world who get concerned about wearing gold shoes and not having anything else that is gold in colour on themselves at all. To soothe that concern, I added a gold bracelet just to quietly echo the metallic colour of the shoe. The tank and sweater paired with jeans make this ideal for running around on weekends with friends, going to class, or generally just hanging around.

Jeans – $69.50, Sweater – $26.50, Bow tank – $13.80, Bracelet – $4.99

Outfit Option #2

Why this works: It’s a little bit more dressed up than option 1, and despite the gold echoes and purple repeats, the red trench adds an element of the unexpected to an outfit that could otherwise become too matchy-matchy. The outfit could work if you were going to class to do a presentation, heading to work, or even as an every-day thing if you are into wearing skirts frequently.

necklace – $5.80, Collared Shirt – $44, Skirt – $49.99, Trench – $68, bag – Mark; $38, headband $11.99

Outfit Option #3

 Why this works: I want to preface this by saying very clearly that leggings (like the ones in the picture above) are NOT pants! If what you are wearing a top that does not completely cover your rear, please put something else on; short tops and leggings are only appropriate as a match if you are under the age of 8. Okay, now, the outfit above is one of those that I would recommend if you have to get somewhere quick and you’ve woken up late. As comfortable and easy as sweats, the leggings are a nice way to show off your legs. The sweater is of tunic length, and therefore covers enough to keep the leggings appropriate.
Tunic sweater – $44.99, Leggings – $5.50, Tote bag – $18.80

I’m going to follow up this article later with one addressing Mandy’s question of colour. For now, just think before you walk out your front door in your boyfriend’s sweat pants. You want to make sure you’re showing the world your best and most beautiful self; you never know who will be sitting next to you on the bus!

The Winter's Tale
Written By: Alycia - Editor

For most of us here in Canada, there's about 6 inches of snow on the ground. For a lot of us, there is a whole lot more than that hanging around, and there has been for quite some time now! (I didn't forget you, Red Deer!) This means, of course, that we're bundled, and tucked into layers so well that no cold air can ever touch our delicate skin. However, your snow gear does not need to resemble the kind of wooly thing that your grandmother might have knit for you in the second grade. Winter wear can be very cute, not to mention it’ll keep you warm, and frost-bite free !
The hat. If you’re like me, your boyfriend doesn’t get why you don’t normally wear hats. Mine is permanently perplexed by this. I think he assumes I’m going to catch pnumonia or something. Well, I have good news for him ! I have found a hat that I LOVE. The resurgence of the cloche hat and the beret have signalled that even the girliest girl (like myself) can now reach for a hat without being concerned that it goes against our own unique style. Of all the hats I’ve seen, I don’t think any girl can reasonably say that there isn’t a hat out there that suits her. I’ve seen bows, sequins, studs, touques, and even baseball-brims on touques.

Earmuffs : $47.99
; Fairisle Hat : $9.95; Purple Hat : $6.50
Scarves have to be my personal favourite as far as winter layers go. They look really cute under a coat, or over top of whatever you’re wearing, and come in every colour under the sun. Additionally, for those of you who still prefer not to go the hat route, you now have extra options ! The grey scarf pictured above is actually meant to act as a hood as well as a scarf, which eliminates the need for a hat. The advent of the circular scarf makes me think of a girl in one of my classes, she rides a bike to school, despite the fact that it is ridiculously cold out. I think that the circular scarf works better for cycling and jogging, simply because there are no ends to worry about.

Purple scarf : $24.50; Grey & Purple Scarf : $24.99; Hooded Scarf : $19.80

Remember having your mom put your gloves on strings through your coat so you wouldn’t lose them ? My mom did the same thing. I am still guilty of losing at least 2 mitts of different pairs per winter. But, despite my tendance to lose them, I am actually quite fond of my mitts (or gloves). My mom actually just bought me a pair of the Red Olympic ones, and they are really warm, as well as being part of a campaign to raise money for the olympics. I am not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination, but I like to applaud where applause is due, and I figure, if I can applaud by wearing these ridiculously cute red mittens, then that is what I’ll do ! The webpage is currently sold out of the olympic mittens, but if you’d like a pair, head to your local Zellers now to find them. They’re sold in adult sizes S/M and L/XL and cost a minor $10.

Stripe Mitts : Juicy Couture ; Nordstrom $39.90; Grey gloves : $19.99; Red Olympic Mitts : $10 (or @ Zellers)