The Lovely Soaps:

This gorgeous site (with equally excellent soap to offer!) was created by an entrepreneur based out of Toronto, Ontario.
If you feel the need to be clean, let Chelsea help.... okay so not literally, but really, check it out. Eco-friendly soap, reasonable prices, what else can you ask for??

With links to her Etsy site, as well as an individual store on her personal website, Chelsea has also made shopping very easy for us!

We wish her the best of luck, and every success in her new business endeavor!

The Young lady over at is responsible for fueling my addictions to Juicy Couture and Coach. I adore these handbags, despite the agonizingly long time it takes for them to get from the warehouse in China to my front door. However, this is not to suggest that the wait is not worth the end joy one will feel when opening the package. The prices on the website in no way indicate the quality. A lot of times, women assume that a $40 dollar (or less!) bag will only last a few weeks, maybe a few months at best. These bags prove that is not the case. I have packed more stuff than you can shake a stick at into my juicy bag. Books, papers, my wallet, even my laptop and cord have been shoved into this bag, and it refuses to quit! Honestly, if you're a juicy or coach addict looking for an inexpensive fix, head over to .